One on One Business Coaching

Apply to Work 1:1 with Jackie

This is my signature service that will provide you with all of the tools, strategies and mindset shifts you need to bring your vision of a business to life.

In our 4 months of coaching together, you will receive individualized coaching.

Consistent Communication

Up to four coaching calls an hour in length per month plus unlimited email and voice messaging access to me as needed.

Complete Course Library

You will have total access to all of my courses, trainings, meditations and recordings that I would normally charge a la carte.

Hands on Learning

When you need help implementing a system or technological tool, I will screen share with you and teach the exact step by step instructions.

So, you have an amazing idea for a business or you've started a business and aren't sure how to scale it..

You know deep down inside that you were meant to serve a bigger purpose and you want to create a business with a foundation based in your heart, soul & passions, but you don't know what strategies to utilize or how to make it profitable.

During our time together, I want to help you with:


Getting Clear on Your Niche & Messaging

We will spend time together defining exactly what problem you solve, who you serve and how to connect with your audience in order to make your product or service the obvious choice.


Visual Branding

We will work together to bring to life your personality and brand with eye catching photos, graphics and other visual designs that will be sure to make you stand out in the crowd.


Creating Irresistible Offers

You have more than enough right now that can be packaged to sell, so let's put what you have into an offer that your ideal client cannot refuse!


Digital & Social Media Marketing

You are already the best kept secret, so why wait any longer to share what you have to offer to the world?! Even if you have the best offers available, marketing is a HUGE part of selling and it doesn't have to feel icky. So, let's work together on a marketing strategy with social media and search engine optimization that will bring you customers who are begging to buy what you have.


Breaking Through Your Limitations

If you're even remotely contemplating hiring a coach to guide you through the process of building or scaling a business, there is a reason that you haven't already made it happen yet, and often times it is our own fears, limiting beliefs and overall feeling stuck that prevents us from getting what we truly want out of life. So, let's smash through those and step into a space of courage and power on the other side!


Technology Made Easy

Want to build a build a website? Start a podcast? Create beautiful graphics? Build a course? Optimize your Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms? I started from ground zero just a couple years ago not knowing how to build any of this but I have learned how to do it all by myself and want to teach you as well so that you're not floundering in the abyss of technological challenges.

“Jackie is a pillar of love, compassion, and optimism. Not only does she have a credible background, but she also has a genuine passion for intuitively nurturing and loving all her clients. Working with her has positively shifted my perception of myself as a girl boss, and help grow my business.”
— Jamie Anumba

Apply to Work 1:1 with Jackie

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, to put systems in place that make sense and to FINALLY create the freedom in your life that you deserve?

Are you not ready for a full 1:1 coaching package but you're still serious about getting some momentum going as you're launching or scaling your business?

Let's cram as much strategy & breakthroughs as we can into 90 minutes in order to set you up for significant initial success!


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